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Eagle Flyer

Ground Transportation Services

General Enquiries 01202 375570



If you have any questions, please email reservations or call the general enquiries line
EagleFlyer is a professional business and we believe our pricing system to be fair and inline with council taxi charging and highly competitive for the level of quality we provide.

The price is calculated on the vehicle class determined by the customer so long as the number of passengers does not exceed the number of seats. This can work out extremely cost effective when booking for several passengers travelling versus individual train or coach tickets. Equally it is totally at the customers discretion to choose a more luxurious or spacious vehicle should the space be required for additional luggage or space to stretch out.

Offers For You

Taxi To or From Heathrow from Bournemouth or Poole Areas £110 (max 4 passengers) BOOK NOW×
Transporter Shuttle To or From Heathrow from Bournemouth or Poole Areas £125 (max 8 passengers) BOOK NOW ×
Taxi To or From Gatwick from Bournemouth or Poole Areas £125 (max 4 passengers) BOOK NOW ×
Transporter Shuttle To or From Heathrow from Bournemouth or Poole Areas £150 (max 8 passengers) BOOK NOW ×


The majority of bookings are made as point to point trips. Our application will estimate the amount of time in minutes to complete the full length of the journey from the customers first pickup, to any further way-points and the destination. A return is simply the same trip repeated in reverse. Any booking has the time and distance confirmed before the journey commences. The price quoted will be the price charged. If the customer wishes to make amendments to the journey a new journey estimate is calculated and any changes in the price will be communicated and confirmed with the customer.
The vehicle class determines the minute driving rate, each class has a different minute rate based on the vehicles running cost. The time of the journey will affect the estimation which is verified against Waze and Google Maps, however the most direct and quickest route is used in the estimate, any journey time increases due to traffic or unforeseen delays do not change the price charged.
For airport and seaport collections we will ask a contact mobile number and preferably any flight/ship/pickup details so we may be able to manage your collection perfectly.

Single Trip Example

Poole, UK to Heathrow Airport (LHR), UK >> 1 hour 45 mins, 92.6 miles

Estate Class : Total Price £ 110.00
Transporter Class : Total Price £ 125.00

*The specific Vehicle or Driver are not guaranteed in point to point bookings. However we will guarantee getting you and your passenger to the destination. We also dot not take responsibility for getting you to your destination on time. We will remind customers in the booking confirmation that travel arrangements must be checked and agreed to by the customer before travel, we will consult on timings and likely delays but responsibility for the planning will remain with the customer.

A Class

£1.00per min
  • Econo Car
  • economic car
  • 3 Passengers
  • 3 Bags
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B Class

£1.05per min
  • Executive Estate
  • standard car
  • 4 Passengers
  • 4 Bags
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C Class

£1.20per min
  • Executive Saloon
  • luxury car
  • 3 passengers
  • 3 Bags
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D Class

£1.20per min
  • Business Van
  • business van
  • 6 Passengers
  • 8 Bags
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E class

£1.10per min
  • Transporters
  • shuttle
  • 8 Passengers
  • 12 Bags
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Per Min Explained

Most Private Hire firms offer fixed rates based on Mileage with extra charges for pick ups, traffic time. Sometimes its just a finger in the air or running the meter. Large multi-national companies give you a quote based on drive time, then charge you more if it took longer!

We calculate an estimate using Google Maps and charge for how many minutes its will take to drive you there. Once you agree to the quote we honour that price regardless of any changes of route or traffic.

* Due to compliance with local taxi firms we offer a minimum duration limitation of 30 minutes. Please call your local taxi firm for shorter distances.

Please call now to get a instant calculation or select one of our popular routes :


Blocked time bookings are calculated in hourly or daily basis. The vehicle and driver are available to be used as required with unlimited mileage from a designated arrival point so long as the vehicle able to return back to the starting point, within the time booked.

Eagle Flyer know from feedback and research that for events such as weddings and corporate events. Tidiness and Timeliness is essential. Point-to-point bookings, are priced competitively as they are scheduled with the daily schedule and can be subject to change, minor delays or having little time to clean and tidy the vehicles thoroughly. With hourly bookings we guarantee the requested pickup time and the vehicle chosen. Hourly bookings have a dedicate vehicle that is prepped and blocked for your booked period.The vehicle is suitably polished and prepared as per the customer request.
Daily rates are available upon request for a full 10 hours on site and start from £400 per day.

Hourly Example

Between 13:00 and 15:00 on Saturday >> Hours for Wedding Transfers to / from Church and Hotel (Unlimited Travel)

Business Van Class (VW Caravelle 6 seats) @ £72 ph : Total Price £144 (2x £72)
Transporter Class (VW transporter 8 seats) @ £72 ph : Total Price £144 (2x £72)

*Hourly bookings are subject to a minimum period of 2 (two) hours and maximum period of 12 hours per day.

A Better Class

A Better Class

Private Hire Transport raising the standard

EagleFlyer Airport Taxis, Private Hire and Limousine Services can be booked online, by email or over the phone call 01202 375570 to speak to an agent
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Your Professional Transport

Your Professional Transport

EagleFlyer offer incredible Private Hire transport at affordable prices to any UK destination
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Your Professional Driver

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Don't Use Your Phone While Driving

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£ 72


Unlimited mileage, minimum time booking 2 hours. Guaranteed Start and End Time
£ 450


Unlimited Mileage, Vehicle and driver to be used for a maximum of 12 hours
£ £


Please call for a weekly or contract quotes.

After you become our regular customers, you can enjoy special treatment and discount.

You can get more Information about prices at and take a look. If you have any questions about the price, You can contact us through Email, MSN or Skype at your convenience.We will respond to you as soon as possible.